As a visual artist Barbara Harrison wanders the environs, eyes in motion–delving into textures, patterns, colors, and lines painted by light.  Expanding the view a scene presents by altering perspective. Viewing Patterns, the observer has a chance to visualize the possibilities, rather than what is.

Barbara Harrison is an activist.  She works to cover everyone for health care equitably under a single payer system.  She is especially interested in reaching out to marginalized communities utilizing a story telling format.  Barbara has developed a workshop to achieve this goal.

Barbara has also produced Michael Milligan’s play “Mercy Killers”.

Videotaped and edited individuals’ stories regarding experiences with the health system and the necessity for single payer for Film “Speaking Out for Healthcare for Everyone”, which won two Pegasus Awards.

Educates community members about single payer by creating handouts, flyers, tabling,  petitioning, and presentations.  Lobby political representatives.